Our Trips

Each of our trips are tailored to the individual team and needs of our local contacts. Generally, we can provide customization based on what your organization would like to accomplish.

What to Expect on One of Our Trips

Getting Started

First review our events and see if one is resonant with your heart. Do your own general research on on the area and pray. Once you are ready to move forward, make contact with us to get started.

Initially, you will need to complete some waivers and other information and provide a reference from your pastor. Most of our trips require a passport. If a visa is needed for the target country, we will work with you and submit the application on your behalf.

Raising Funds

Once you’ve committed to one of our trips, you’ll need to start raising money. Even if you’ve decided to pay yourself, we still encourage some fund raising so you have people partnered with you and praying for you as you prepare and while you are on mission.

Typically you’ll prepare a letter that you can circulate physically or electronically to friends and family. Most people are surprised by the level of support that are able generate. Also, ask your local church for an opportunity to present you mission to your congregation.

Your supporters are encouraged to send their money directly to us with a note indicating it is for you. They can also send money through our PayPal link. You can also collect cash and checks yourself, however we encourage checks to be written to us so your donors can receive a year end statement.

Preparing for the Trip

Once your team is formed there will be several meetings where the team meets each other for some background information on the area and events, completing required paperwork, and prayer. During these times the team will begin to function as one unit. If you are not in same location as the rest of the team, we often use Skype and Facetime to bring you into the discussion. If there are team members from different locations we like to bring the team together at the same location at least one time for team building before departure.

Typically 2 weeks before the departure date the team will also begin prayer and fasting. Prayer points will be discussed and circulated with a fasting calendar. Team members fast for 24 hours, typically from 6pm one evening to 6pm the next day. Members will pass the prayer baton over the phone by praying together and sharing anything the spirit has shown them during the prayer time.

When it is time to pack we will provide you guidelines on what is need and prohibited. Generally, we encourage packing light.

On Mission

While on mission there is often a devotion in the morning and discussion of the day’s events. Some of the things you will participate in include:

  • praying for people
  • sharing your testimony
  • work projects
  • worship through music (if you play an instrument)
  • evangelism (sometimes using tools in areas where a different language is spoken)
  • dramas
  • making kids balloon animals and playing games
  • visiting orphanages

You will need to be prepared and be flexible to changing plans as things are often changed to improve effectiveness or safety. Listening and responding immediately to leadership is essential to making your trip a success.


You will find your life impacted by this experience. Both by the spiritual growth and different culture you’ve encountered.