Boots & Coats for Immigrant Farmers

River Life Chapel 3474 Creek Rd, Youngstown, NY, United States

We will be purchasing and collecting boots for immigrant farmers, and coats for their children.  Items will be distributed out of event at River Life Chapel in Youngstown, NY.

India 2020 (Approximate Date)

india , India

Dates are approximate Teaching for pastors and other local leaders.  Opportunities to teach and serve

Mexico 2020

Sembradores de Cristo Jerez, Zacatecas, Mexico

Teen / Young Adult missions trip to Mexico. Various types of evangelism and service projects.


Jamaica CAW (Approximate Date)

Partnering with Come Alive World for local VBS VBS training and Logistics Participate/lead  VBS

8 Days of Hope Buffalo

Community projects in Buffalo Serve with our ambassador Herb Deline Free event once you've arrived.  Bring air mattress to sleep on.


Philippines 2020

Approximate date, 2 weeks in  November - December Training and Teaching Clear land for new church construction